Arizona Republican Running For Congress Praised Far Right Proud Boys In Recent Speech ��� Live

Incumbent: Democrat Mark Kelly

Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly has been raising similarly impressive money as Warnock in Georgia, posting $8 million in the third quarter (which included a refund from a campaign vendor). But while Republicans feel like their field is somewhat settled in Georgia with Trump and McConnell now aligned behind the same guy, the primary in Arizona is still a free-for-all that's causing some concern for the GOP. As the major statewide elected official in the race, Attorney General Mark Brnovich would seem to start with an advantage, but he raised only $564,000 in the third quarter, which would be mediocre money for a candidate in a competitive House district, let alone a top-tier Senate race. He's also taking incoming fire from his GOP rivals. A super PAC backing Blake Masters, the president of the Thiel Foundation, is attacking Brnovich on the air on immigration. The motif here, as in the other ads against him from the Thiel-funded group, is that he's been "opposing Trump." Trump was scheduled to attend a fundraiser for Masters at Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday. Solar energy entrepreneur Jim Lamon ended with the most cash on hand at the end of the quarter, but much of that came from a $3 million personal loan, which doesn't exactly represent a wide base of support, while retired Maj. Gen. Michael "Mick" McGuire raised just $250,000. And there's now another Republican in the race: Justin Olson -- a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission, which regulates utilities -- announced his campaign last month. Arizona has a late primary, so Republicans have until August to duke it out. But GOP outside groups are already attacking Kelly, hoping he'll be sunk by Biden's slipping numbers. Kelly outran Biden last year -- winning 51.2% of the vote to the President's 49.4%. But the former astronaut now has a voting record Republicans are eager to use against him.

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Another video shows Lauren Boebert suggesting Ilhan Omar was terrorist

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Another video shows Lauren Boebert suggesting Ilhan Omar was terrorist